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For single folks in today’s day and age it can be tough. It seems as though society lost it’s personal interactivity factor. Nowadays everyone is on social media like facebook and if and when they are out and about it’s with large groups. Any time away from their circle and you will find them searching through their phone on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or texting. In a world like that how the hell are we to find and meet someone we want to spend time with?

Here is a list of the best dating hacks in today’s day and age.

1. Date an escort.
In any city around the world you’ll find plenty of escort services for dating and companionship. With 1 call you could dial a date and order someone to your place like you would ordering a pizza. I searched for escorts and found 5 Star Escort Service and also NY Xtasy Escorts escort service as well.… Read the rest of this entry

08 Sep 2014

Ice Bucket Challenge


The ice bucket challenge is all the rage these days with more and more people taking part in it each and everyday.  It works like this, a person dumps a bucket of ice water over their head, records it on video, uploads it to facebook and nominates 3 other people to participate in the challenge within 24 hours or donate $100 to the ALS charity. This is the kind of thing that you either love or hate. Most people got involved and did everything to the letter while others sat back and said why all the theatrics just donate the money. The guys over at the vape shop in Brooklyn did this and it got us thinking so did a small fundraiser hosted by lawn & garden and the turnout was huge. Most folks prefer to donate without all the theatrics.

Well the truth is the theatrics is what brings awareness to the disease and the idea that you should donate to the cause.… Read the rest of this entry

20 Aug 2014

How To Create An UnHackable Password

Many people have been taught the basics of how not to create a password such as using; password, 1234, name, user etc etc. But while the basics is a good starting point you actually have to go a step further to create one that is unbreakable. By unbreakable we mean that a computer program would need to take millions of years to de code. The way computers decode passwords is by using every character in every combination possible until it reaches one that works. This method is know as a brute force attempt.

Some programs or hosts have a built in password generator which will compose a password consisting of 8-12 digits or random upper case, lower case, numbers and characters. While this might be great its important to understand what makes a brute force attack unbreakable – password length. That’s right, all the cryptic symbols, characters, numbers and other random element will still be cycled through the program in a brute force attack.… Read the rest of this entry

27 Jul 2014

Appreciation – The Confidence Booster

Each and every day we are fed a million and one ways that everything sucks and that life is a horrible no win existence. While that might seem extreme or maybe untrue, you might not have noticed that everyone and everything around us hammer in the idea that things just suck. The newspaper has us thinking that everyone is a bad, racist, terrorist and that the rich get richer and we are getting poorer. Unemployment, strikes, market downturns got us all thinking that we are going broke and are doomed. By default negative images and ideas are being reinforced upon us subconsciously – we don’t know it’s there and can’t do anything to stop it. Until now.

The first step in building confidence in a confidence wrecking society is to acknowledge that we are responsible for our own confidence and that without taking control of our own confidence it will be controlled by outside factors beyond our control.… Read the rest of this entry

11 Jul 2013
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