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Appreciation – The Confidence Booster

Each and every day we are fed a million and one ways that everything sucks and that life is a horrible no win existence. While that might seem extreme or maybe untrue, you might not have noticed that everyone and everything around us hammer in the idea that things just suck. The newspaper has us thinking that everyone is a bad, racist, terrorist and that the rich get richer and we are getting poorer. Unemployment, strikes, market downturns got us all thinking that we are going broke and are doomed. By default negative images and ideas are being reinforced upon us subconsciously – we don’t know it’s there and can’t do anything to stop it. Until now.

The first step in building confidence in a confidence wrecking society is to acknowledge that we are responsible for our own confidence and that without taking control of our own confidence it will be controlled by outside factors beyond our control. The end result of that is that we will have no confidence.

The root of all confidence is appreciation. Once we appreciate what we have we allow the universe to bring more into our lives. When we are in a state of insecurity and fear we push away the good things from happening to us such as good health, wealth and relationships. How much easier is it to feel better when you take a moment to thank the universe for what it is you have right now? It’s almost like an instant booster. Try that one for a moment.

Take a few minutes 2 time per day. Before you begin your day and also right before you retire for the night are the best times to do this. Extra credit is given if you can squeeze a session or two mid day – but that’s optional. Note that if you are around particularly negative people that are always complaining, then 4 times per day might be the minimum and you might even have to add more. Remember, by default we are being fed negative energy and our goal with these exercises is to eliminate them by reinforcing the opposite so that we lead a path towards positivity.

The exercise is as follows…

– Set aside a few minutes of uninterrupted quiet time

-Take a deep breath and stretch your arms, legs and chest/back

-Think about several things you appreciate about yourself.
Now this could be anything at all, such as; I appreciate that I am able to lookout the window or I appreciate that I know how to use the internet anything that
is absolutely true and reasonable.

-Repeat the things that you appreciate in the format..
“I appreciate I am able to use the internet, I am glad I have the ability
and that more abilities come to me every day”

By appreciating what is true and affirming that you have more everyday, you allow for the universe to give it to you naturally. When you do this over the course of 21 days, you will notice things start to change. It might be subtle at first but keep it up and make it part of your daily routine and I guarantee that you will find yourself with no only more confidence but you will attract abundance into your life simply, easily and without thought.


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